Luis E. Gonzalez Moctezuma

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This paper presents the steps taken to retrofit a real multi robot factory automation testbed to achieve increased flexibility, reconfigurability and awareness of assets including energy-relevant, safety-relevant and quality-relevant parameters. Most changes made can be replicated on similar discrete manufacturing settings, as the leveraging technology is(More)
Cyber-physical systems combine data processing and physical interaction. Therefore, security in cyber-physical systems involves more than traditional information security. This paper surveys recent research on security in cloud-based cyber-physical systems. In addition, this paper especially analyzes the security issues in modern production devices and(More)
Traditionally state machines are implemented by coding the desired behavior of a given system. This work proposes the use of ontological models to describe and perform computations on state machines by using SPARQL queries. This approach represents a paradigm shift relating to the customary manner in which state machines are stored and computed. The main(More)
Nowadays there is a vast amount of IT tools specialized in vector graphics. The data generated by those tools could be used to describe the path of industrial manipulators as a set of vectors. The main problem is that the sequence/direction of those vectors is not meant to be executed by a robot and attempting to do it, would result in inefficient cycle(More)
This paper describes the development of a multiple ontology workspace management system and its performance assessment. This management system provides users with their own ontology workspace as a repository. It aims to facilitate the storage and manipulation of ontology models for knowledge driven manufacturing execution systems. The system uses Jena TDB(More)
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