Luis E. Flamm

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Local area networks designed to carry a variety of traffic such as data, voice, facsimile, and video should be able to implement low latency virtual circuits to meet the demands of periodic traffic. We have designed a partially distributed algorithm to efficiently schedule voice traffic on a unidirectional bus system called Fasnet. Virtual channels are(More)
Eye movements and perspective reversals were continuously recorded on film for 9 subjects who fixated a central point on black line drawings of the Necker cube and Rubin vase figure. There were significantly more Necker cube reversals than Rubin figure reversals in the 1 1/2-min. test periods. Perceptual reversals were unrelated to the occurrence of eye(More)
In two experiments thirty participants located terminals on variations of a new main distributing frame connector. Abutting individual connectors in mirror image led to a higher termination density. Location times and errors were evaluated using deadline procedures. Experiment 1 results showed a high incidence of parallax, counting, and left-right reversal(More)
24 male and female Ss, divided into three groups of 8 Ss each on the basis of their creativity test scores, were tested under fully counterbalanced conditions involving three sizes of Necker cubes, viewed under both monocular and binocular conditions. The response measure was number of figure of reversals experienced during 2-min. viewing periods for each(More)
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