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This paper presents a computational simulator for the hip to compute the wear and heat generation on artificial joints. The friction produced on artificial hip joints originates wear rates that can lead to failure of the implant. Furthermore, the frictional heating can increase the wear. The developed computational model calculates the wear in the joint and(More)
This paper discusses code verification of Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) solvers with the method of manufactured solutions (MMS). Examples of manufactured solutions (MSs) for a two-dimensional, steady, wall-bounded, incompressible, turbulent flow are presented including the specification of the turbulence quantities incorporated in several popular(More)
The effects of cross-flow on the tumbling and fluttering motions of a free-falling 2D plate were studied using numerical simulation. The commercial code STAR-CCM+ was used, the numerical procedure was previously verified and validated. The analysis focused on velocities and forces during typical periods (obtained trough averaging) of each motion at various(More)
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