Luis De Vera

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We made use of multivariate nonlinear analysis methods to study the interdependence between the cardiac interval variability and both the respiratory activity and the systolic pressure in rats. The study was carried out in basal conditions and after the application of different drugs affecting the cardiovascular system. The results showed that there are(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the performance of univariate and multivariate EEG measurements in diagnosing ADHD subjects in a broad age range. METHODS EEG from eight cortical regions were recorded at rest during eyes open and eyes closed in 22 male ADHD subjects of combined type and 21 healthy male controls (age range 4-15 years). Univariate and(More)
This work aims at assessing the maturational changes in the interdependence between the activities of different cortical areas in neonates during active sleep (AS) and quiet sleep (QS). Eight electroencephalography (EEG) channels were recorded in 3 groups of neonates of increasing postmenstrual age. The average linear (AVL) and average nonlinear (AVN)(More)
The multichannel electroencephalograph (EEG) of six healthy term neonates was recorded during awake as well as during active and quiet sleep. The existence and nature of the interdependencies among the different brain areas were studied by means of a multivariate variant of the surrogate data method. Such interdependencies were then quantified by using the(More)
Multivariate nonlinear analysis methods were applied to variability time series extracted from electrocardiographic, electrocorticographic and respiratory activities of Gallotia galloti lizards, to study interdependences between cardio-cortical activity time variations, and between cardio-respiratory activity time variations. Autonomic nervous system(More)
Both nonlinear and fractal properties of beat-to-beat R-R interval variability signal (RRV) of freely moving lizards (Gallotia galloti) were studied in baseline and under autonomic nervous system blockade. Nonlinear techniques allowed us to study the complexity, chaotic behavior, nonlinearity, stationarity, and regularity over time of RRV. Scaling behavior(More)
The electroencephalogram (EEG) from both hemispheres of eight Canary lizards Gallotia galloti was registered at 25 degrees C and 35 degrees C during awake state with open eyes (OE) and closed eyes. The possible interdependence between the recorded EEGs was assessed by means of newly developed methods of multivariate nonlinear time-series analysis. The(More)
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