Luis Díez

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SUMMARY This paper presents a system for automated diagnosis of problems in a cellular network, which comprises a method and a model. The reasoning method, based on a naive Bayesian classifier, can be applied to the identification of the fault cause in GSM/GPRS, 3G or multi-systems networks. A diagnosis model for GSM/ GPRS radio access networks is also(More)
In the last years, self-organization of cellular networks is becoming a crucial aspect of network management due to the increasing complexity of the networks. Automatic fault identification, i.e. diagnosis, is the most difficult task in self-healing. In this paper, a model based on discrete bayesian networks (BNs) is proposed for diagnosis of radio access(More)
This paper refers to the project GPM-SME – FP6-005857 i , included within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission, in its CRAFT Programme. The goal of this document is to present the main concepts of Global Performance Management and how the GPM-SME consortium pursues to develop a framework to improve the competitive capability of companies(More)
Mapping aboveground carbon density in tropical forests can support CO 2 emission monitoring and provide benefits for national resource management. Although LiDAR technology has been shown to be useful for assessing carbon density patterns, the accuracy and generality of calibrations of LiDAR-based aboveground carbon density (ACD) predictions with those(More)