Luis Carranza-González

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This paper reports a 176×144-pixel smart image sensor designed and fabricated in a 0.35μm CMOSOPTO process. The chip implements a massively parallel focal-plane processing array which can output different simplified representations of the scene at very low power. The array is composed of pixel-level processing elements which carry out analog image(More)
This paper describes a system capable of detecting smoke at the very beginning of a forest fire with a precise spatial resolution. The system is based on a wireless vision sensor network. Each sensor monitors a small area of vegetation by running on-site a tailored vision algorithm to detect the presence of smoke. This algorithm examines chromaticity(More)
Many image sensors employ column-parallel ADCs in their readout structures. Single-slope ADCs are ideally suited for these multi-channel applications due to their simplicity, low power and small overall area. The ramp generator, shared by all the converters in the readout architecture, is a key element that has a direct effect in the transfer characteristic(More)
The recognition of dynamic textures is fundamental in processing image sequences as they are very common in natural scenes. The computation of the optic flow is the most popular method to detect, segment and analyse dynamic textures. For weak dynamic textures, this method is specially adequate. However, for strong dynamic textures, it implies heavy(More)
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