Luis Carlos Villamil-Jimenez

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OBJECTIVE Establishing the presence of zoonotic gastrointestinal nematodosin soil samples in recreational areas in Suba (one of the largest localities of Bogotá, Colombia) between July 2005 and June 2006. METHODOLOGY The presence of several gastrointestinal parasites' eggs, larvae and oocysts were determined by initial soil sedimentation and later(More)
Jumping the species barrier is responsible for a large part of emerging and re-emerging diseases around the world; however, the mechanisms involved in restricting an agent to a given host are currently not fully understood, nor what is necessary to leap the species barrier to invade a new host. These leaps to new species are usually manifest by high rates(More)
Mycotoxins have become a worldwide problem due to their high incidence and levels of occurrence in human food and animal feed. The conditions for colonising substrates by mycotoxigenic fungus and later contamination by mycotoxins play an important role in surveillance and control strategies. The main mycotoxigenic funguses are the Aspergillus spp.,(More)
NEW CHALLENGES FOR PUBLIC HEALTH Emergence of new pathogens has been the reality of the 21st century; the role of animal reservoirs and changes in human behaviors may be the main key factors for disease dynamics. Human population growth and territory expansion have lead to habitat sharing between human beings, domestic animals, wild animals, and their(More)
Influenza viruses are well known for their ability to infect and cause disease in a broad range of hosts. Modern advances in reverse genetics have enabled scientists to probe the mutations that allow influenza viruses to perform host switching. Despite this detailed understanding of the molecular modifications that allow host switching and adaptation, there(More)
Zika is a viral disease transmitted mainly by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes. In recent years, it has expanded geographically, changing from an endemic mosquito-borne disease across equatorial Asia and Africa, to an epidemic disease causing large outbreaks in several areas of the world. With the recent Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreaks in the Americas, the disease(More)
OBJECTIVE Designing and validating instruments for identifying public health problems in some zoological parks in Colombia, thereby allowing them to be evaluated. METHODS Four instruments were designed and validated along with the participation of five zoos. The instruments were validated regarding appearance, content, sensitivity to change, reliability(More)
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