Luis Carlos Cunha Júnior

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Mangroves could be key ecosystems in strategies addressing the mitigation of climate changes through carbon storage. However, little is known regarding the carbon stocks of these ecosystems, particularly below-ground. This study was carried out in the mangrove forests of Sofala Bay, Central Mozambique, with the aim of quantifying carbon stocks of live and(More)
Dicynodontia represent the most diverse tetrapod group during the Late Permian. They survived the Permo-Triassic extinction and are central to understanding Permo-Triassic terrestrial ecosystems. Although extensively studied, several aspects of dicynodont paleobiology such as, neuroanatomy, inner ear morphology and internal cranial anatomy remain obscure.(More)
The quality of shelled and unshelled macadamia nuts was assessed by means of Fourier transformed near-infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy. Shelled macadamia nuts were sorted as sound nuts; nuts infected by Ecdytolopha aurantiana and Leucopteara coffeella; and cracked nuts caused by germination. Unshelled nuts were sorted as intact nuts (<10% half nuts, 2014);(More)
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