Luis Carlos Caruso

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The structurally related transcriptional coactivators p300 and CBP possess histone acetyltransferase activity and associate with P/CAF, which is also a histone acetyltransferase. CBP and p300 have properties of tumor suppressor proteins; their interaction with P/CAF is disrupted by the adenoviral E1A oncoprotein, and the genes encoding CBP and p300 are(More)
The tumor suppressor function of the wild-type p53 protein is transdominantly inhibited by tumor-derived mutant p53 proteins. Such transdominant inhibition limits the prospects for gene therapy approaches that aim to introduce wild-type p53 into cancer cells. The molecular mechanism for transdominant inhibition involves sequestration of wild-type p53(More)
From 1992 to 2002, major expansions of the Argentine electricity transmission sector depended on users proposing, voting and paying for such expansions, which were then put out to competitive tender. Commentators hold this novel policy to have been unsuccessful, mainly on the ground that it substantially delayed investment in a much-needed " Fourth Line "(More)
The continuously emerging, operationally and managerially independent, geographically distributed computer networks deployable in an evolutionarily manner have created greater challenges in securing them. Several research works and experiments have convinced the security expert that Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) or Network Intrusion Prevention(More)
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