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Although progress has been made in resolving the genetic pathways that specify neuronal asymmetries in the brain, little is known about genes that mediate the development of structural asymmetries between neurons on left and right. In this study, we identify daam1a as an asymmetric component of the signalling pathways leading to asymmetric morphogenesis of(More)
Ethanol accumulation during fermentation contributes to the toxic effects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, impairing its viability and fermentative capabilities. The iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster biogenesis is encoded by the ISC genes. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation is associated with iron release from Fe-S-containing enzymes. We evaluated ethanol(More)
A spectral investigation of the thermochromic behavior of Reichardt's E(T)(30) betaine in aqueous solutions of block copolymers ("poloxamers") P407, P237 and P105 was carried out as a function of temperature and concentration. The betaine microenvironment at various stages of the micellization process in these systems was mimicked with the aid of molecular(More)
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