Luis Besteiro González

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Gorlin's syndrome is a relatively rare generalized disorder. Its diagnosis in childhood is usually through oral abnormalities. Some of the most frequent clinical features of this syndrome are discovered through radiographs commonly used in orthodontia. Thus, the orthodontist may be able to contribute to its diagnosis. The article shows three clinical cases(More)
predisposition or the unexpressed liability to schizophrenia spectrum disorders (Meehl, 1962), opened the doors to a new view of these disorders and to the determination of its core features. In subsequent reformulations of schizotaxia (Meehl, 1989, 1990, 1993), the notion was defined as a latent central nervous system integrative defect, derived from a(More)
The duplication of genes can occur through various mechanisms and is thought to make a major contribution to the evolutionary diversification of organisms. There is increasing evidence for a large-scale duplication of genes in some chelicerate lineages including two rounds of whole genome duplication (WGD) in horseshoe crabs. To investigate this further, we(More)
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