Luis B. Morales

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We have developed and implemented a tabu search heuristic (TS) to determine the best energy minimum for oligopeptides. Our test molecule was Met-enkephalin, a pentapetide that over the years has been used as a validation model for many global optimizers. The test potential energy function was ECEPP/3. Our tabu search implementation is based on assigning(More)
A remarkably general result which provides the evaluation of a family of exponential sums was presented by Moisio in 2000. In this work, we use such a general result in order to determine the value distribution of a particular kind of exponential sum. Then, motivated by some new ideas of Ma, , we use this value distribution in order to formulate a general(More)
We have developed an iterative hybrid algorithm (HA) to predict the 3D structure of peptides starting from their amino acid sequence. The HA is made of a modified genetic algorithm (GA) coupled to a local optimizer. Each HA iteration is carried out in two phases. In the first phase several GA runs are performed upon the entire peptide conformational space.(More)
The resolvable 2-(14, 7, 12) designs are classified in a computer search: there are 1, 363, 486 such designs, 1, 360, 800 of which have trivial full automorphism group. Since every resolvable 2-(14, 7, 12) design is also a resolvable 3-(14, 7, 5) design and vice versa, the latter designs are simultaneously classified. The computer search utilizes the fact(More)
HereR andN denote the real numbers and the nonnegative integers, respectively. Alsos(x)=x 1+···+x n whenx=(x 1, …,x n) inR n. A mapf:R n →R is call adiagonal function of dimensionn iff|N n is a bijection ontoN and, for allx, y inN n, f(x)<f(y) whens(x)<s(y). Morales and Lew [6] constructed 2 n−2 inequivalent diagonal polynomial functions of dimensionn for(More)
In this paper we formulate the problem of constructing 1-rotational near resolvable difference families as a combinatorial optimization problem where a global optimum corresponds to a desired difference family. Then, we develop an algorithm based on scatter search in conjunction with a tabu search to construct many of these difference families. In(More)
Some papers have dealt with the construction of 2-concurrence designs as an optimization problem. In this paper we generalize these results to formulate also the construction of partially balanced incomplete block designs with 2 associate classes as a combinatorial optimization problem. We will propose an algorithm based on tabu search to construct many of(More)
In this paper we describe a scheduling problem for certain types of tournaments. It is formulated as a discrete minimization problem. Using a tabu search method we solve various problem instances of di erent size and complexity. The in uence of the tabu list size on the performance of the algorithm is studied. Tabu search is also compared with previous(More)