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We administered a potassium bicarbonate supplement to rats on strenuous treadmill training in order to determine the effect on bone mass and the metabolic acidosis seen with this type of training. A sample of 45 93-day-old female Wistar rats with a mean initial weight of 267 ± 17 g were studied. The control group (15 rats) was not exercised or given(More)
We observed the effects of sodium bicarbonate supplement on bone mass in rats on strenuous treadmill training. Sixty female Wistar rats (93-days-old; mean initial weight 261 ± 16 g) were studied. One group of 15 rats was killed at the beginning of the experiments (basal control group), while another group of 15 rats was not manipulated (Exer−NaB−). Another(More)
The pH dependence of the apparent affinity constants of perchlorate for cobalt(II)bovine carbonic anhydrase II has been measured by electronic absorption spectroscopy. The obtained data have been analyzed in terms of the ionization of two acidic groups of CoBCAII, and the affinity of perchlorate for the two water-containing species of the enzyme have been(More)
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