Luis Antonio Sosa

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To examine the effects of corruption on foreign direct investment, we develop a cooperative Nash bargaining game to model the negotiation process between firms and corrupt officials. We first analyze a firm's decision to bribe corrupt officials either to pay smaller settlement fixed costs than legally prescribed ones or to benefit from illegal preferential(More)
The ultrastructural pathology of non-invaded hepatocytes located in close proximity to metastases from diverse gastrointestinal carcinomas was studied. Observed abnormalities included swelling of rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, proliferation of lysosomes, and mitochondrial alterations as presence of granules and paracrystalline inclusions, marked(More)
An electron microscopic investigation was made in order to study capillary alterations in the muscle paraneoplastic phenomenon associated with different malignant tumours. Several abnormalities were found including basement membrane widening and lamination, endothelial hypertrophy, a varied degree of lumen occlusion, and proliferative changes in pericytes.(More)
Paraganglioma of the mediastinum is an extremely uncommon neoplasm, and the concurrent finding of cystic changes has yet to be reported in the literature. We report a case of a 43-year-old man presenting with chest pain and left arm paresthesias. Imaging studies revealed a well-defined cystic lesion located in the anterior mediastinum, with the patient(More)
The electron microscopic examination of biopsies from liver metastases of a colon leiomyosarcoma showed the existence of alterations not previously reported in primary tumors of that kind. Those abnormalities included proliferation of lysosomal structures as multivesicular bodies, myelin-like figures, lipofuscin granules and autophagic vacuoles, along with(More)
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