Luis Antonio Puente Rodríguez

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To determine whether prenatal corticosteroid therapy would reduce the incidence of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), we assigned a total of 466 women admitted in premature labor either to receive placebo (group A, n = 256), if delivery was expected to occur within 24 hours of admission, or to receive betamethasone (group B, n = 210) if delivery was(More)
OBJECTIVES To report long-term HIV treatment outcomes in 7 Caribbean countries. DESIGN Observational cohort study. METHODS We report outcomes for all antiretroviral therapy (ART) naive adult patients enrolled on ART from program inception until study closing for cohorts in Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Natriuretic peptides, including N-terminal-proatrial natriuretic peptide (NT-proANP) are cardiac hormones that are produced in response to myocardial stretch and have been used in rats and humans as blood based functional cardiac biomarkers. There are limited validation data of these assays in rats and therefore the Predictive Safety Testing(More)
Given the proven utility of natriuretic peptides as serum biomarkers of cardiovascular maladaptation and dysfunction in humans and the high cross-species sequence conservation of atrial natriuretic peptides, natriuretic peptides have the potential to serve as translational biomarkers for the identification of cardiotoxic compounds during multiple phases of(More)
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