Luis Antonio Olsina Santos

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PURPOSE To describe the physical and metabolic characteristics of children diagnosed with fatty liver disease in a gastroenterology clinic in El Paso, Texas. DATA SOURCES A retrospective chart review of 31 patients aged 8-18 diagnosed with fatty liver was conducted. CONCLUSIONS These children were diagnosed with fatty liver by elevated alanine(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, the biocompatibility, stability and osteotransductivity of a new cement based on alpha-tricalcium phosphate (alpha-TCP) were investigated in a bone repair model using a rat model. METHODS The potential of alpha-TCP on bone repair was compared to autogenous bone grafting, and unfilled cavities were used as negative control.(More)
The purpose was to evaluate the cytotoxicity of two novel formulations (alpha and beta) of calcium phosphate cements. Positive control, represented by a commercial hydroxyapatite cement, and negative control were included for comparative purposes. A continuous lineage of fibroblastic cells was used, and the effect of the tested materials on both cell(More)
When an exploratory data analysis is performed where there are more than two qualitative variables, the application of univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques allows to successfully describe the data table. Particularly, the single correspondence technique gives important correlation and dimensionality reduction results, which help to(More)
Framed by the expansion of a mobility centred technological market, Second Screen applications have become increasingly relevant in recent years. This popularity and the adjoined increase in investment by major TV operators have promoted a broad range of services. A preliminary analysis of the current offering suggests that entertainment and e-commerce(More)
The aim of this work is to evaluate the potential of cryogels to be used as scaffolds in tissue engineering. Scaffolds based on the α-tricalcium phosphate reinforced PDMAEMA (Poly(dimethyl aminoethyl methacrylate))/PHEMA (poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate)) system were prepared and human trabecular bone-derived cells (HTBs) and bone marrow derived-mesenchymal(More)
This work addresses the application of control systems to the optimization of a monoclonal antibodies (MAb) production chain. The attention is focused on the maximization of hybridoma fedbatch culture productivity. The proposed model presents kinetics showing strong nonlinearities through min-max functions expressing overflow metabolism. A nonlinear model(More)
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