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— We study distributed output feedback control of a heterogeneous multi-agent system (MAS), consisting of N different continuous-time dynamic systems. Conditions on the existence of distributed output feedback control protocols are derived and a solution is proposed to synthesize the stabilizing and consensus control protocols over directed graphs. The(More)
We propose a distributed dynamic state estimator based on the multi-agent system (MAS) framework and on the availability of supervised control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We assume that the power system is modeled by a linear DC power flow model and is operating in a quasi-steady state. The phase angle at the network buses is modeled as a(More)
Consensus control is studied for discrete-time multi-agent systems involving gap metric uncertainties, aimed at synchronizing all its outputs to the desired trajectories generated by a given reference model. Both distributed robust stabilization and robust consensus are formulated and tackled. Results in this paper include derivation of the explicit(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to thank my advisor, Professor Guoxiang Gu, for his goodwill, patience, encouragement, and guidance by example that have made this dissertation possible. His support has been essential and I have been very fortunate to have him as my main advisor. I'd also like to thank Professor Sumanta Acharya for his trust in me that this(More)
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