Luis Alvergue

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We study distributed output feedback control of a heterogeneous multi-agent system (MAS), consisting of N different continuous-time dynamic systems. Conditions on the existence of distributed output feedback control protocols are derived and a solution is proposed to synthesize the stabilizing and consensus control protocols over directed graphs. The(More)
We propose a distributed dynamic state estimator based on the multi-agent system (MAS) framework and on the availability of supervised control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We assume that the power system is modeled by a linear DC power flow model and is operating in a quasi-steady state. The phase angle at the network buses is modeled as a(More)
Consensus control is studied for discrete-time multi-agent systems involving gap metric uncertainties, aimed at synchronizing all its outputs to the desired trajectories generated by a given reference model. Both distributed robust stabilization and robust consensus are formulated and tackled. Results in this paper include derivation of the explicit(More)
This dissertation is divided into two parts. In the first part we consider the problem of feedback stabilization of nonlinear systems described by state-space models. This approach is inherited from the methodology of sector bounded or passive nonlinearities, and influenced by the concept of absolute and quadratic stability. It aims not only to regionally(More)
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