Luis Alvarez

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The ErbB receptor family is dysregulated in many cancers, and its therapeutic manipulation by targeted antibodies and kinase inhibitors has resulted in effective chemotherapies. However, many malignancies remain refractory to current interventions. We describe a new approach that directs ErbB receptor interactions, resulting in biased signaling and(More)
The promise of cellular therapy lies in healing damaged tissues and organs in vivo as well as generating tissue constructs in vitro for subsequent transplantation. Postnatal stem cells are ideally suited for cellular therapies due to their pluripotency and the ease with which they can be cultured on functionalized substrates. Creating environments to(More)
There is now a huge amount of high quality photometric data available in the literature whose analysis is bound to play a fundamental role in studies of the formation and evolution of structure in the Universe. One important problem that this large amount of data generates is the definition of the best procedure or strategy to achieve the best result with(More)
Transplantation of freshly-aspirated autologous bone marrow, together with a scaffold, is a promising clinical alternative to harvest and transplantation of autologous bone for treatment of large defects. However, survival proliferation, and osteogenic differentiation of the marrow-resident stem and progenitor cells with osteogenic potential can be limited(More)
This dissertation consists of three essays that examine different facets of decision making in consumers. We propose a two-stage model to describe the increasing concreteness of consumers' goals during the shopping process, testing the model through a series of field experiments at a convenience store. Using a number of different process measures(More)
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