Luis Almeida

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EEG sources were assessed in a group of patients with major moderate-severe depressive disorder (MDD) as classified by trained clinicians according to DSM-IV criteria. Frequency Domain Variable Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (FD-VARETA) was used to calculate EEG sources. The Z-values indicated that EEG sources were abnormal (increase in current(More)
Today, the workflows that are involved in industrial assembly and production activities are becoming increasingly complex. To efficiently and safely perform these workflows is demanding on the workers, in particular when it comes to infrequent or repetitive tasks. This burden on the workers can be eased by introducing smart assistance systems. This article(More)
There is an increasing number of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) systems that are time-sensitive and resource-aware. From healthcare to building and even home/office automation, it is now common to find systems combining interactive and sensing multimedia traffic with relatively simple sensors and actuators (door locks, presence detectors, RFIDs, HVAC,(More)
The design of safety-critical systems has typically adopted static techniques to simplify error detection and fault tolerance. However, economic pressure to reduce costs is exposing the limitations of those techniques in terms of efficiency in the use of system resources. In some industrial domains, such as the automotive, this pressure is too high, and(More)
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