Luis Almeida Costa

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The trypanosomatid flagellar apparatus contains conventional and unique features, whose roles in infectivity are still enigmatic. Although the flagellum and the flagellar pocket are critical organelles responsible for all vesicular trafficking between the cytoplasm and cell surface, still very little is known about their roles in pathogenesis and how(More)
In this paper the authors update on the deletereous or beneficial roles of human and animal secretory phospholipases A2 (sPLA2). Although human sPLA2-IIA (inflammatory) was initially thought as a foe because its pathogenic implication in sepsis, multiorganic failure or other related syndromes, recent data indicates its role in in the antiinfectious host(More)
Building on the growing literature that views organizations as complex adaptive systems, this paper proposes a general model to analyze the relationship between organizational context and attitudes. In particular, we focus on how the system of formal and informal communication channels that characterize an organization and the timing of information flows(More)
VRCTC-310-ONCO, an agent based on the snake phospholipase A2 (crotoxin), is currently under clinical development. After phase I study in patients by intramuscular administration, the interest of intravenous (IV) dosing arose. To evaluate IV administration of VRCTC-310-ONCO in rabbits, ten animals were subjected to surgical implant of fixed jugular catheter,(More)
The alignment of collective goals and individual behavior has been extensively studied by economists under a principal-agent framework. Two main solutions have been presented: explicit incentive contracts and monitoring. These solutions correspond to changes in the objective situation faced by individuals. However, an extensive literature in social(More)
Intrusive luxation is a severe form of dental trauma and there is no consensus regarding its management for permanent teeth. A systematic review and meta-analysis was performed to identify the appropriate treatment for teeth with intrusive luxation. The PubMed/MEDLINE, Embase, US Clinical Trials, and ISRCTN Registry electronic databases were used to search(More)
This paper studies …rms’decisions to form partnerships to develop new projects and the reputation implications of such decisions. Speci…cally, we analyze how …rms’qualities, initial reputations and participation levels a¤ect the evolution of …rms’reputations and incentives to form partnerships. We consider both the case where participation levels are(More)
This paper examines the peculiarities of the expression of emotion in a poor neighborhood from Northeastern Brazil, the bairro of Nordeste de Amaralina, in Salvador, Bahia. Focusing on the expression of sadness, we built a scheme in which to understand how the informants perceive, identify, and deal with this emotion in the course of their daily lives. We(More)
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