Luis Almeida Costa

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Building on the growing literature that views organizations as complex adaptive systems, this paper proposes a general model to analyze the relationship between organizational context and attitudes. In particular, we focus on how the system of formal and informal communication channels that characterize an organization and the timing of information flows(More)
The alignment of collective goals and individual behavior has been extensively studied by economists under a principal-agent framework. Two main solutions have been presented: explicit incentive contracts and monitoring. These solutions correspond to changes in the objective situation faced by individuals. However, an extensive literature in social(More)
This paper studies …rms'decisions to form partnerships to develop new projects and the reputation implications of such decisions. Speci…cally, we analyze how …rms'qualities, initial reputations and participation levels a¤ect the evolution of …rms'reputations and incentives to form partnerships. We consider both the case where participation levels are(More)
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