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The objective of this study was to evaluate if treatment of eCG-superovulated goats with fluorogestone acetate (FGA) would increase the number and quality of embryos recovered. Goats (n = 25) were(More)
Ten Gyr cows with a functional corpus luteum were used to evaluate the effects of time and temperature of incubation of blood samples on progesterone (P4) concentrations detected in plasma or serum.(More)
Recibido: 17/01/07. Revisado: 05/02/07. Aceptado: 16/02/07. Pedraza Olga Lucia (1), Zarco Luis (1), Sánchez Erick (1), Pulido Héctor (2), Ruiz Carolina (3), Coral Juliana (3), Charry Paula (4). (1)(More)