Luis Alfonso Ureña López

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Sentiment analysis is a challenging new task related to text mining and natural language processing. Although there are, at present, several studies related to this theme, most of these focus mainly on English texts. The resources available for opinion mining (OM) in other languages are still limited. In this article, we present a new Arabic corpus for the(More)
Recently, opinion mining is receiving more attention due to the abundance of forums, blogs, e-commerce web sites, news reports and additional web sources where people tend to express their opinions. Opinion mining is the task of identifying whether the opinion expressed in a document is positive or negative about a given topic. In this paper we explore this(More)
Searching biomedical information in a large collection of medical data is a complex task. The use of tools and biomedical resources could ease the retrieval of the information desired. In this paper, we use the medical ontology MeSH to improve a Multimodal Information Retrieval System by expanding the user's query with medical terms. In order to accomplish(More)
A usual strategy to implement CLIR (Cross-Language Information Retrieval) systems is the so-called query translation approach. The user query is translated for each language present in the multilingual collection in order to compute an independent monolingual information retrieval process per language. Thus, this approach divides documents according to(More)
Up until now most of the methods published for polarity classification are applied to En-glish texts. However, other languages on the Internet are becoming increasingly important. This paper presents a set of experiments on English and Spanish product reviews. Using a comparable corpus, a supervised method and two unsupervised methods have been assessed.(More)
This paper presents our first participation in the bilingual English-Spanish track at CLEF QA 2006. The Multilingual BRUJA system is presented, a Question Answering (QA) system that works with questions in several languages and also collections in several languages. The BRUJA system is currently in its first phase of develop, so we have only run one(More)