Luis Alberto Roldan

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Activation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor is important for certain forms of activity-dependent synaptic plasticity, such as long-term potentiation (reviewed in ref. 1), and the patterning of connections during development of the visual system (reviewed in refs 2, 3). Several subunits of the NMDA receptor have been cloned: these are NMDAR1(More)
The Mu B protein is an ATP-dependent DNA-binding protein and an allosteric activator of the Mu transposase. As a result of these activities, Mu B is instrumental in efficient transposition and target-site choice. We analysed in vivo the role of Mu B in the two different recombination reactions performed by phage Mu: non-replicative transposition, the(More)
BACKGROUND The study aimed to establish the benefits of using chest tubes with negative pleural suction against trapped water in patients with penetrating or blunt chest trauma who underwent tube thoracostomy, in terms of the incidence of complications, such as persistent air leak, clotted hemothorax, empyema, and duration of stay. METHODS Patients who(More)
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