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We have isolated a human gene homologous to Drosophila melanogaster rotated abdomen, rt, a poorly viable recessive mutation causing a clockwise twisted abdomen in affected flies due to defects in embryonic muscle development. The human gene, like rt, encodes a protein with high homology to the yeast mannosyl-transferases (Pmts) and has been named POMT1.(More)
Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting several systems caused by a heterozygous deletion in the chromosomal region 7q11.23. A common interval that includes up to 17 genes reported so far is deleted in the great majority of patients. Elastin haploinsufficiency is responsible for the cardiovascular features, but the specific(More)
Supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS) is a congenital narrowing of the ascending aorta, which can occur sporadically as an autosomal dominant condition or as one component of the Williams-Beuren syndrome, a complex developmental genomic disorder associated with cardiovascular, neurobehavioral, craniofacial, and metabolic abnormalities, caused by a(More)
Williams or Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS) is a developmental disorder with multisystemic manifestations characterized by distinctive facial features, mental disability with unique cognitive and personality profiles, vascular stenoses, growth retardation, and occasional infantile hypercalcemia, caused by haploinsufficiency for genes deleted in chromosome(More)
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