Luis Alberto Henríquez

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Antimicrobials used in salmon aquaculture pass into the marine environment. This could have negative impacts on marine environmental biodiversity, and on terrestrial animal and human health as a result of selection for bacteria containing antimicrobial resistance genes. We therefore measured the numbers of culturable bacteria and antimicrobial-resistant(More)
Among the different factors hypothesized to be responsible for the virtual disappearance of Egeria densa, once a dominant aquatic macrophyte in a southern Chile wetland ecosystem, are the negative effects of certain chemical compounds (mainly chlorate) and harsh environmental conditions (desiccation caused by prolonged atmospheric exposure). The authors(More)
The giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C. Agardh is widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, yet it exhibits distinct population dynamics at local to regional spatial scales. Giant kelp populations are typically perennial with the potential for year-round reproduction and recruitment. In southern Chile, however, annual giant(More)
Luis Alberto Henriquez-Hernandez ( Almudena Valenciano ( Palmira Foro-Arnalot ( María Jesus Álvarez-Cubero ( José Manuel Cozar ( José Francisco Suárez-Novo ( Manel Castells-Esteve ( Pablo(More)
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