Luis A. Rivera

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—Surface Electromyographic signals (sEMG) find applications in many areas such as rehabilitation, prosthesis and human-machine interaction. Systems reliant on these muscle-generated electrical signals require some form of machine learning algorithm for recognition of specific patterns of muscle activity. Those systems vary in terms of the signal detection(More)
ABQ-48 (3-amino-7-benzylbenzimidazo[3,2-a]quinolinium chloride) and NBQ-48 (3-nitro-7-benzylbenzimidaw[3,2-a] quinolinium chloride) are unnatural alkaloids containing a planar heteroaromatic systems characterized by quaternized nitrogen fused to benzothiazole nucleus. Both compounds are structurally related to naturally occurring substances such as(More)
—Operating a wheelchair is often a difficult task for individuals with severe disabilities. Also, with the progress of the condition, the use of most current robotic assistive technologies becomes less attractive or simply not applicable anymore. In this work, we developed a system that allows a user to operate a wheelchair using only their heads. Our(More)
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