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Rigor cross-bridges show two conformations paired within each 38.7-nm axial repeat. The two forms may express two stages of the cross-bridge cycle during contraction. Differing numbers of myosin heads per cross-bridge and associated helical changes in the thin filament distinguish the two forms and suggest that both myosin heads usually bind to a single(More)
We have obtained detailed three-dimensional images of in situ cross-bridge structure in insect flight muscle by electron microscopy of multiple tilt views of single filament layers in ultrathin sections, supplemented with data from thick sections. In this report, we describe the images obtained of the myac layer, a 25-nm longitudinal section containing a(More)
The averaged structure of rigor cross-bridges in insect flight muscle is further revealed by three-dimensional reconstruction from 25-nm sections containing a single layer of thin filaments. These exhibit two thin filament orientations that differ by 60 degrees from each other and from myac layer filaments. Data from multiple tilt views (to +/- 60 degrees)(More)
Bone formation and remodeling are influenced by the inflammatory state of the local microenvironment. In this regard, macrophages are postulated to play a crucial role in modulating osteogenesis. However, the differential effects of macrophage subsets and their plasticity on bone formation are currently unknown. Polarized primary murine macrophages and(More)
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