Luigino Zovatto

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The flow inside a total cavo-pulmonary connection, a bypass operation of the right heart adopted in the presence of congenital malformation, is here studied for a specific geometry which has been recently introduced in clinics. The analysis has been performed by preliminary experimental observation and a novel Navier-Stokes formulation on the symmetry(More)
The pulsed flow about a circular non-centred orifice inside a cylindrical duct is analysed to obtain insight into the basic three-dimensional vortex dynamics that may be expected behind natural cardiac valves. The problem is approached by a highresolution numerical simulation. Results show how a small finite eccentricity generates a fully three-dimensional(More)
BACKGROUND The Finite Element Method is at present the method of choice for strain prediction in bones from Computed Tomography data. However, accurate methods rely on the correct topological representation of the bone surface, which requires a massive operator effort, thus restricting their applicability to clinical practice. Meshless methods, which do not(More)
Pulsatile flow inside a moderately elastic circular conduit with a smooth expansion is studied as a model to understand the influence of wall elasticity in artery flow. The solution of the simultaneous fluid-wall evolution is evaluated by a perturbative method, where the zeroth order solution is represented by the flow in a rigid vessel; the first order(More)
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