Luigi Vergori

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We propose a continuum model to describe the molecular alignment in thin nematic shells. By contrast with previous accounts, the two-dimensional free energy, aimed at describing the physics of thin films of nematics deposited on curved substrates, is not postulated, but it is deduced from the conventional three-dimensional theories of nematic liquid(More)
When nematic liquid crystals are constrained to a curved surface, the geometry induces distortions in the molecular orientation. The mechanisms of the geometrical frustration involve the intrinsic as well as the extrinsic geometry of the underlying substrate. We show that the nematic elastic energy promotes the alignment of the flux lines of the nematic(More)
This paper describes the method which was developed in relation to analytical work connected with microbial and physico-chemical degradation experiments on 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD). Soil samples are best extracted with methanol plus methylene chloride. Microbial preparations are extracted with light petroleum after boiling with methanolic(More)
One of the least studied universal deformations of incompressible nonlinear elasticity, namely the straightening of a sector of a circular cylinder into a rectangular block, is revisited here and, in particular, issues of existence and stability are addressed. Particular attention is paid to the system of forces required to sustain the large static(More)
Fungicide residues in vegetables (benomyl, carbendazim, thiabendazole) are analyzed through a clean-up procedure that uses a portion of the aqueous acetone extract prepared for multiresidue methodology. A portion of the aqueous acetone extract (equivalent to 5 g of vegetables) is loaded onto an Extrelut-20 cartridge (the cartridge is filled with a coarse,(More)
A method was developed for the rapid determination coumatetralyl in cola- and orange-type soft drinks, which includes extraction using solid-matrix column, clean-up by silica cartridge chromatography and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection. The recovery of coumatetralyl from 50 ml of soft drinks was better than(More)
We derive the hydrodynamic equations for nematic liquid crystals lying on curved substrates. We invoke the Lagrange-Rayleigh variational principle to adapt the Ericksen-Leslie theory to two-dimensional nematics in which a degenerate anchoring of the molecules on the substrate is enforced. The only constitutive assumptions in this scheme concern the(More)
Disposable, ready-to-use cartridges filled with a macroporous diatomaceous material are used to extract in a single step fungicide residues with dichloromethane from aqueous acetone extracts of vegetables. This procedure takes the place of some functions (such as separating funnel partition, drying over anhydrous sodium sulphate and clean-up) usually(More)