Luigi Valoroso

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This report details relationships between earthquake exposures in 1980 and 1983 to 1984 and psychological distress reported in 1994. Participants are 555 Italian male factory workers from Naples, Italy. Those men who experienced damage from the 1980 quake reported higher levels of psychological distress (across several dimensions of the Symptom Checklist)(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years several attempts have been made to distinguish frontotemporal dementia (FTD) from Alzheimer's disease (AD) on neuropsychological grounds; in particular, it has been suggested that FTD patients show spared spatial abilities with respect to AD patients. OBJECTIVE We aimed at verifying whether patients with the frontal variant of(More)
OBJECTIVE The factors influencing drop-out in eating disorders (ED) are still unclear. The aim of the present study was to determine whether compliance is strongly related to the patient-therapist relationship. MATERIALS AND METHODS During 14 months all new patients affected by EDs referring to our Specialist Service Center, were assessed and followed up,(More)
[1] A MW 6.3 earthquake struck on April 6, 2009 the Abruzzi region (central Italy) producing vast damage in the L’Aquila town and surroundings. In this paper we present the location and geometry of the fault system as obtained by the analysis of main shock and aftershocks recorded by permanent and temporary networks. The distribution of aftershocks, 712(More)
OBJECTIVE Dropouts are frequent among eating disorder (ED) patients, but less is known about their natural history. This paper assesses the outcome of outpatients who dropped out from a therapy programme and its possible causes. MATERIAL AND METHODS From 1992 to 1994, we assessed 222 ED subjects. Psychiatrists expert in EDs evaluated these subjects by(More)
[1] We studied the anatomy of the fault system where the 2009L’Aquila earthquake (MW 6.1) nucleated by means of ~64 k high-precision earthquake locations spanning 1 year. Data were analyzed by combining an automatic picking procedure for P and S waves, together with cross-correlation and double-difference location methods reaching a completeness magnitude(More)