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Microalbuminuria (urinary albumin excretion between 20 and 200 micrograms/min) and endothelial dysfunction coexist in patients with essential hypertension. To evaluate whether the two phenomena are related and the determinants of that association, we recruited 10 untreated males with essential hypertension and microalbuminuria without diabetes to be(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the postmarketing safety data used in the risk assessment of cisapride and to summarize the regulatory actions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). METHODS The FDA analyzed reports of patients who developed QT prolongation, torsades de pointes, and ventricular arrhythmia in association with the use of cisapride to assess(More)
Focal or generalized hemorrhage is a commonly encountered clinical problem in patients with amyloidosis. In 100 patients with amyloidosis, 41 patients experienced one or more bleeding episodes: petechiae and ecchymoses (23), gastrointestinal tract bleeding (18), bleeding after a diagnostic procedure (eight), hematuria (three), hemoptysis (two), and(More)
OBJECTIVE The arcus tendineous fasciae pelvis (ATFP) provides support to the anterior vagina. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of menopause on the structural components of the ATFP. STUDY DESIGN Biopsy specimens of the ATFP were obtained from 10 premenopausal, 5 postmenopausal, and 12 postmenopausal women on hormone therapy.(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to characterize myocardial echodensity in asymptomatic patients with insulin-dependent diabetes and normal conventional two-dimensional echocardiographic findings to determine whether ultrasound tissue characterization can detect ultrastructural changes in myocardium, such as an increase in collagen content. BACKGROUND Fibrosis alters(More)
Aim of this study was to evaluate left ventricular function during exercise in 10 male elite runners and in 10 sedentary males. End-diastolic (EDV) and end-systolic volume (ESV), left ventricular ejection fraction (EF), early peak transmitral flow velocity (peak E), time-velocity integral of mitral inflow (m-TVI); mitral cross sectional area (m-CSA); mitral(More)
BACKGROUND Structural readaptation of systemic resistance-sized arterioles in response to an elevated blood pressure reduces the forearm vasodilator reserve in patients with essential hypertension. The development of a similar process at the coronary microvascular level has frequently been hypothesized, but little information about coronary remodeling(More)
Microalbuminuria (urinary albumin excretion between 20 and 200 micrograms/min) and abnormalities of red blood cell sodium-hydrogen exchange coexist in essential hypertensive patients. To evaluate how the two phenomena relate, we recruited 10 untreated microalbuminuric male essential hypertensive patients without diabetes to be compared with an equal number(More)
The present report describes a patient who experienced recurrence of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura 10 years after the initial episode. The patient had been successfully treated with steroids and splenectomy and had complete clinical and hematologic remission. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura recurred 10 years later and did not respond to steroids(More)