Luigi Solinas

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Whereas laparoscopy for benign diseases provides clear advantages over traditional surgery, the benefits of laparoscopic gastric resection for malignant diseases are less clear. The objectives of this study were to compare prospectively the clinical outcomes between completely laparoscopic and open total and partial gastrectomies for malignant diseases and(More)
Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and mean cellular hemoglobin (MCH) were determined by means of a Hemalog 8/90 electronic counter in 51 full-term newborn infants with α-thalassemia-2 and 15 with α-thalassemia-1, as well as in 150 normal newborn infants. The mean MCV and MCH values were 92 fl±06 and 33.26 pg±2.22 in the normal newborn infants, 82 fl±07 and(More)
BACKGROUND Sequential administration of a beta-agonist and cromolyn or nedocromil before exercise is recommended for patients whose symptoms are not controlled by beta-agonists alone; however, this practice reduces compliance. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a new pre-combined aerosol formulation (salbutamol and nedocromil) in preventing(More)
The role of nebulized flunisolide solution in controlling recurrent respiratory symptoms was assessed in a double-blind placebo-controlled parallel study on 23 infants and small children (mean age, 14.2 months) with bronchial asthma. Five of the 12 children in the placebo group and 1 of the 11 patients on active treatment had to be withdrawn from the study.(More)
INTRODUCTION Currently, a dose of protamine equal to 1 mg for each 100 units of heparin given is used to reverse the residual heparin activity following off-pump coronary artery bypass. We hypothesized that a 1:1 ratio (ratio of protamine to heparin) could be higher than necessary inducing post-operative disturbance of hemostasis. METHODS Between January(More)
Usually the ingested foreign bodies (IFB) pass the gastrointestinal tract making no lesions. Sometimes IFB could lead to a gastrointestinal perforation. The most frequently perforating IFB are chicken or fish bones and toothpicks, while risks factors are mental retardation, alcohol or drug abuse, denture usage, quick eating or habitual chewing of(More)
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