Luigi Savastano

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This paper presents a novel implementation scheme of the Benes network based on the 2-D MEMS technology. A recursive design procedure is proposed defining the switch geometry for any optical port-count. An analytical approach is adopted to provide a scalability evaluation of the architecture based upon basic parameters such as number of mirrors, substrate(More)
Free-space micromachined optical switching technology has emerged as a promising candidate for the transparent optical cross connects that are needed in next-generation optical transport networks. This paper deals with the system design of two-dimensional (2-D) microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based cross connects. In particular, we propose a method,(More)
The paper presents and compares various unicast nonblocking architectures to be used into space-domain photonic switching networks. All the analyzed architectures have been evaluated and compared considering a possible physical implementation based on guided-wave structures realized with integrated optics technology. Some properties including number of(More)
In this paper, a method for planning and analyzing a dynamic optical transport network is described. The method is "event based" and a relative time scale is adopted. Events include setting up/tearing down optical channels and failure/restoration of network elements. Each connection demand is characterized by its own type of protection, routing strategy and(More)
A multistage network architecture is proposed for nonblocking photonic switching exploiting waveguide interconnections and integrated 2x2 optical switching elements. The proposed architecture Low Crossover EGS is topologically equivalent to the Extended Generalized Shuffle Network, but a different novel configuration drastically reduces the number of(More)
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