Luigi Recchia

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The background induced by the high penetration power of the radiation is the main limiting factor of the current radio-guided surgery (RGS). To partially mitigate it, a RGS with β(+)-emitting radio-tracers has been suggested in literature. Here we propose the use of β(-)-emitting radio-tracers and β(-) probes and discuss the advantage of this method with(More)
UNLABELLED A novel radioguided surgery (RGS) technique for cerebral tumors using β(-) radiation is being developed. Checking for a radiotracer that can deliver a β(-) emitter to the tumor is a fundamental step in the deployment of such a technique. This paper reports a study of the uptake of (90)Y-DOTATOC in meningiomas and high-grade gliomas (HGGs) and a(More)
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