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BACKGROUND In addition to its horizontal layers, primate striate cortex has a vertical modular organization. Among the vertical modules are histochemically defined areas of high and low cytochrome oxidase labeling in the supragranular layers, referred to, respectively, as blobs and interblobs. Cytochrome c oxidase (CO) blobs and interblobs differ in their(More)
701 PREVIOUS STUDIES FROM THIS LABORATORY HAVE BROUGHT FORTH EVIDENCE SUGGESTING THAT IMBALANCES BETWEEN CAROTID AND VERTEBRAL blood flow and temperature underlie the increase in preoptichypothalamic temperature during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep in several mammalian species.1 Particularly relevant to the mechanism of such a temperature increase are the(More)
  • R Hersch, M Vetterli, +13 authors Zusammenfassung Welche
  • 2016
What is the actual information contained in light rays filling the 3-D world? Leonardo da Vinci saw the world as an infinite number of radiant pyramids caused by the objects located in it. Nowadays, the radiant pyramid is usually described as a set of light rays with various directions passing through a given point. By recording light rays at every point in(More)
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