Luigi Ottaviani

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With a history going back approximately 2,500 years, the Tibetan medicine, known as Sowa Rigpa in the Tibetan language, is one of the world’s oldest known traditional medicine. It originally developed during the pre-Buddhist era in the kingdom known as Shang Shung. As a traditional medicine, the future development of Tibetan medicine in Western countries is(More)
Mammography is the gold standard for detection of early breast cancer and it is still the only diagnostic tool which shows reduction of the mortality from that. Despite that, there is a high chance of false negatives that can lead to diagnostic errors resulting in delays of treatment and worsening of prognosis. The aim of this study is to analyze the rate(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have investigated the relationship between the lack of or reduction of nocturnal blood pressure (BP) fall and left ventricular mass (LVM) in elderly individuals with isolated systolic hypertension (ISH), notwithstanding the fact that ISH is the most frequent subtype of uncontrolled hypertension and a powerful risk factor for organ(More)
Hypertensive subjects can be subdivided into 2 groups, dippers and nondippers, according to the presence or the lack of a nocturnal fall of blood pressure of more than 10%. Several studies have investigated cardiac organ damage in the 2 groups with discordant results, but they included subjects with different onset, severity, and treatment of hypertension.(More)
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