Luigi Nardi

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Real-time dense computer vision and SLAM offer great potential for a new level of scene modelling, tracking and real environmental interaction for many types of robot, but their high computational requirements mean that use on mass market embedded platforms is challenging. Meanwhile, trends in low-cost, low-power processing are towards massive parallelism(More)
Variational data assimilation consists in estimating control parameters of a numerical model in order to minimize the misfit between the forecast values and some actual observations. The gradient based minimization methods require the multiplication of the transpose jaco-bian matrix (adjoint model), which is of huge dimension, with the derivative vector of(More)
Antoine, pour les discussions échangées, le soutien et l'encouragement. La petite pause goûter avec vous restera un incontournable dans mes souvenirs, cette richesse d'échanges autour d'un simple thé. Merci à vous tous pour avoir égayer nos repas pendant si longtemps. Une pensée va aussi à Christine, Natalie et Alice pour leur confiance durant l'expédition(More)
—Variational data assimilation consists in estimating control parameters of a numerical model in order to minimize the misfit between the forecast values and the actual observations. The YAO framework is a code generator that facilitates, especially for the adjoint model, the writing and the generation of a variational data assimilation program for a given(More)
System designers typically use well-studied benchmarks to evaluate and improve new architectures and compilers. We design tomorrow's systems based on yesterday's applications. In this paper we investigate an emerging application, 3D scene understanding, likely to be significant in the mobile space in the near future. Until now, this application could only(More)
— SLAM has matured significantly over the past few years, and is beginning to appear in serious commercial products. While new SLAM systems are being proposed at every conference, evaluation is often restricted to qualitative visualizations or accuracy estimation against a ground truth. This is due to the lack of benchmarking methodologies which can(More)
We present a generic algorithm for numbering and then efficiently iterating over the data values attached to an extruded mesh. An extruded mesh is formed by replicating an existing mesh, assumed to be unstructured, to form layers of pris-matic cells. Applications of extruded meshes include, but are not limited to, the representation of 3D high aspect ratio(More)
SelectScript is an extendable, adaptable, and declarative domain-specific language aimed at information retrieval from simulation environments and robotic world models in an SQL-like manner. In this work we have extended the language in two directions. First, we have implemented hierarchical queries; second, we improve efficiency enabling manual design(More)
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