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The basic idea underlying the proposed approach to spatial-temporal modeling is to combine, at the different levels, the potential of various techniques and to exploit their performance. A three level procedure is used. Firstly low level polynomial interpolation removes a general trend; then finite element method follows to match local variations. The last(More)
Three classes of data (network structures; dense, but irregular, fields of points; raster data and grid parameters) could be classified in the survey and mapping disciplines (e. g., photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS). Regarding the solution strategies, some different numerical techniques: direct algorithms and sequential strategies; iterative methods;(More)
Data processing, in the field of information technology, requires new tools, involving discrete mathematics, like data compression, signal enhancement, data classification and understanding, hypertexts and multimedia (considering educational aspects too), because the mass of data implies automatic data management and doesn' t permit any a priori knowledge.(More)
Modelling reality is representing phenomena: descriptions of events are not always reducible to rigorous mathematical functions, requesting therefore statistical methods to reproduce their effects. Throughout both classical and innovative procedures of statistical analysis, the implementation of software can classify data, improving results with every step(More)
Riassunto > Alcuni modelli per la validazione dei dati (e dei modelli stessi) sono presentati a valle di una disamina approfondita del meto-do dei minimi quadrati, di alcune procedure robuste e di tecniche per l'analisi del buon condizionamento delle configurazioni in esame e del-l'affidabilità degli schemi di misura adottati. Abstract > Some models for(More)
  • T Bellone, N Di Nino, F Fiermonte, L Mussio
  • 2009
Due to political and social situation which followed local riots and war, in the SW part of Balkan Peninsula, the large existent archaeological and civil treasure, mainly the Orthodox Monasteries, is heavily threatened. So, we need collect, record and make available all information data, which appear representative of this precious heritage. A G.I.S. system(More)
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