Luigi Manfrini

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The kiwifruit berry is characterized by an early stage of rapid growth, followed by a relatively long stage of slow increase in size. Vascular and transpiration flows are the main processes through which water and carbon enter/exit the fruit, determining the daily and seasonal changes in fruit size. This work investigates the biophysical(More)
The effect of fruit transpiration on the mechanisms driving peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) daily growth was investigated. In peach, fruit water losses increase during the season and might play a key role in determining fruit growth. Skin transpiration was reduced during the cell expansion stage by enclosing fruit in plastic bags fitted with holes. In(More)
The detection of leaf functionality is of pivotal importance for plant scientists from both theoretical and practical point of view. Leaves are the sources of dry matter and food, and they sequester CO2 as well. Under the perspective of climate change and primary resource scarcity (i.e. water, fertilizers and soil), assessing leaf photo-assimilation in a(More)
Drought stress negatively affects many physiological parameters and determines lower yields and fruit size. This paper investigates on the effects of prolonged water restriction on leaf gas exchanges, water relations and fruit growth on a 24-h time-scale in order to understand how different physiological processes interact to each other to face increasing(More)
In drought-stressed apple, leaf area decrease and stem growth cessation increase are key determinants of drought avoidance. Both the genotype and its possible phenotypic plasticity contribute to the variability of responses. Under soil water restriction, plant growth is impaired by the indirect negative impact on plant carbon balance of stomata closure and(More)
BACKGROUND Texture is important in the preferences of apple consumers. Of the pre-harvest factors affecting fruit quality and especially texture, altitude and subsequent climatic conditions are crucial, determining differences in the physiological mechanisms of fruit growth, ripening stage and chemical composition, as demonstrated by several studies. This(More)
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