Luigi Macchi

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In 2009, to date 16 human cases of West Nile neuroinvasive disease (WNND) have been reported in Italy, in three regions: Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia. The number of cases is higher compared with last year when nine cases were identified (eight cases of WNND and one case of West Nile fever) and the geographical distribution indicates spread from east(More)
When reviewing the research path of an author, we are inevitably influenced by our own background and approach. Tracing back the converging and diverging assumptions of the authors with respect to Erik Hollnagel’s research path, the paper focuses on the evolution of cognitive psychology as resulting from an original distinction between two models of human(More)
We report an outbreak of viral gastroenteritis linked to municipal drinking water in a town in northern Italy in June 2009. Over one month we identified 299 probable cases of whom 30 were confirmed for at least one of the following viruses: norovirus, rotavirus, enterovirus or astrovirus. Water samples and filters from the water system also tested positive(More)
OBJECTIVE to describe the prevalence of smokers among 13- 18-years-old students in Lombardy and to evaluate some related motives. DESIGN a survey has been carried out with anonymous questionnaires, distributed at the beginning of the school year 2005-2006. SETTING the study involved 3,593 classes of the third year of middle school and 2,893 classes of(More)
Epidemiological study of bacterial meningitis, particularly those forms susceptible to vaccination, is an indispensable tool in choosing vaccination strategies. Lombardy Region, where approximately 20% of the Italian population resides, has conducted an in-depth study on invasive meningococcal diseases and pneumococcal meningitis using available health(More)
A perception-action framework for cognition represents the world in terms of an embodied agent’s ability to bring about changes within that environment. This amounts to an affordance-based modelling of the environment. Recent psychological research suggests that a hierarchical perception-action model, known as the Extended Control Model (ECOM), is employed(More)
OBJECTIVES In this article, we explore how researchers can contribute to patient safety improvement. We aim to expand the instrumental role researchers have often occupied in relation to patient safety improvement. METHODS We reflect on our own improvement model and experiences as patient safety researchers in an ongoing Finnish multi-actor innovation(More)
The current economic difficulties and the changed epidemiological picture, characterized by an increase in life expectancy, which shows in the elderly, chronically ill and disabled the main, both health and social, care needs,r equires a remark on the hospital network and organization. Today, most of the application assistance is usually at low intensity of(More)
Lombardy Region, adopted its own rules to reorganize and to relaunch health prevention activities. Particularly, the started way foresees for the useless activity divestment, not backed by scientific evidences and of no effect to preserve public health. In this optics, the run is inserted that foresees the planning of the activity of official control, based(More)
This study is based on a provincial Atlas assessing territorial differences in hospital admissions and out-patient services. The authors have analysed consumer distribution per District as compared to overall provincial consumption. Results show some geographical inequities that are not always associated to epidemiological reasons. As a matter of fact, some(More)