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The German response to the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident was possibly the most significant change of policy towards nuclear power outside Japan, leading to a sudden and very significant shift in the underlying power generation structure in Germany. This provides a very useful natural experiment on the impact of increasing proportions of renewable(More)
This paper examines how the frequency and magnitude of micro price rises and falls relate to macroeconomic crisis, as well as moderation. Weekly micro pricing behaviour in groceries, Britain's most important consumer market, is investigated for 370 precisely defined products matched across the leading three retailers over the moderation period 2004-7 and(More)
In this note we show that the height function of a lattice of flats of suitable classes of matroids satisfies the polymatroidal axioms. Moreover, we present a novel proof, by applying matroid theory, for the fact that the minimum distance of a graph-theoretic code C is the smallest number of edges among the edge sets of cycles of G, where G is the graph(More)
In the literature about insolvency prediction, linear discriminant analysis models and multiple logistic regression models have been widely used to discriminate between failed and non-failed firms on the basis of financial ratios. Altmans popular Z-Score and Ohlsons O-Score are, for example, respectively based on linear discriminant analysis and on logistic(More)
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