Luigi Grassi

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  • Luigi Grassi, Rosangela Caruso, Silvana Sabato, Sara Massarenti, Maria G. Nanni, the UniFe Psychiatry Working Group Coauthors
  • 2014
Psychiatric and psychosocial disorders among cancer patients have been reported as a major consequence of the disease and treatment. The problems in applying a pure psychiatric approach have determined the need for structuring more defined methods, including screening for distress and emotional symptoms and a more specific psychosocial assessment, to(More)
The results of differential expression analyses provide scientists with hundreds to thousands of differentially expressed genes that need to be interpreted in light of the biology of the specific system under study. This requires mapping the genes to functional classifications that can be, for example, the KEGG pathways or InterPro families they belong to,(More)
OBJECTIVE the relationship between Quality of life (QoL) and global functioning and symptoms in outpatients with Schizophrenia METHOD The study was carried out on the outpatients with schizophrenia attending a Community Mental Health Centre in 2008. Each patient completed the WHO QoL Instrument - Brief and was administered the Brief Psychiatric Rating(More)
Gene duplication is a key mechanism in evolution for generating new functionality, and it is known to have produced a large proportion of genes. Duplication mechanisms include small-scale, or "local", events such as unequal crossing over and retroposition, together with global events, such as chromosomal or whole genome duplication (WGD). In particular,(More)
BACKGROUND Gene duplication, a major evolutionary path to genomic innovation, can occur at the scale of an entire genome. One such "whole-genome duplication" (WGD) event among the Ascomycota fungi gave rise to genes with distinct biological properties compared to small-scale duplications. RESULTS We studied the evolution of transcriptional interactions of(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of the present study were to assess patients' memories of their stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) over time, using the Italian version of the ICU Memory (ICUM) tool, and to examine the relationship between memory and duration of ICU stay and infection. PATIENTS AND METHOD Adult patients consecutively admitted to a four-bed ICU of(More)
T he widespread exchange of genes between bacteria must have consequences on the global architecture of their genomes, which are being found in the abundant genomic data available today. Most of the expansion of bacterial protein families can be attributed to transfer events, which are positively biased for smaller evolutionary distances between genomes,(More)
Approximately 256,000 cases of malignant brain and nervous system cancer were diagnosed worldwide during 2012 and 189,000 deaths, with this burden falling more heavily in the developed world. Problematically, research describing the psychosocial needs of people with brain tumors and their carers and the development and evaluation of intervention models has(More)
  • Maria Domina, Veronica Lanza Cariccio, Salvatore Benfatto, Deborah D'Aliberti, Mario Venza, Erica Borgogni +8 others
  • 2014
There is a need for techniques capable of identifying the antigenic epitopes targeted by polyclonal antibody responses during deliberate or natural immunization. Although successful, traditional phage library screening is laborious and can map only some of the epitopes. To accelerate and improve epitope identification, we have employed massive sequencing of(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulties in coping with cancer, and the accompanying anxious and depressive symptoms, have been shown to affect the mood and the quality of life in breast cancer patients. 5-Hydroxytryptamine Transporter Gene-linked Polymorphic Region (5-HTTLPR) functional polymorphism of serotonin transporter has been shown to influence the adaptation to(More)