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Controller-free exploration of medical image data: Experiencing the Kinect
An open-source system for a controller-free, highly interactive exploration of medical images is presented by using a Microsoft Xbox Kinect as the only input device, which is suitable for use in operating rooms, where non-sterilizable devices cannot be used. Expand
Human skin detection through correlation rules between the YCb and YCr subspaces based on dynamic color clustering
Comparisons with six well-known rule-based methods in literature carried out on four publicly available databases show that the proposed method outperforms the others in terms of quantitative performance evaluation parameters. Expand
Virtual Reality as a Distraction Intervention to Relieve Pain and Distress During Medical Procedures: A Comprehensive Literature Review
VR has proven to be effective in reducing procedural pain, as almost invariably observed even in patients subjected to extremely painful procedures, such as patients with burn injuries undergoing wound care, and physical therapy. Expand
Design and comparative evaluation of Smoothed Pointing: A velocity-oriented remote pointing enhancement technique
The experiments show that Smoothed Pointing allows a significant decrease in the error rate and achieves the highest values of throughput in trajectory-based tasks, and indicate that the effectiveness of precision enhancing techniques is significantly affected by the pointing modality and the type of pointing task. Expand
Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Touchless Interface for Manipulating Virtual Heritage Artefacts
The proposed interactive virtual reality system could be a useful instrument complementary to a visit to an actual exhibition without requiring any structural intervention, and allowing the user to become an active actor, able to enjoy different prospectives and all the details of the artefact. Expand
Knee bone segmentation from MRI: A classification and literature review
A priori knowledge of knee joint structures and fully automated segmentation methods are adopted to provide reliable detection of bone surfaces from MR imaging sequences specifically designed to evidence the cartilage and not the bone. Expand
Wii Remote-enhanced Hand-Computer interaction for 3D medical image analysis
  • Luigi Gallo, M. Ciampi
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on the Current Trends in…
  • 1 December 2009
A low cost, not cumbersome, 3D user interface for exploring medical data can be manipulated in a semi-immersive virtual environment by means of an off-the-shelf wireless data glove equipped with additional infrared Light Emitting Diodes. Expand
Comparative evaluation of methods for filtering Kinect depth data
This work discusses the results of a study in which the most commonly used filtering approaches for Kinect depth data, in both static and dynamic contexts, are compared by using novel metrics, and shows that each approach can be profitably used to enhance the precision and/or accuracy of Kinect Depth data in a specific context. Expand
3D interaction with volumetric medical data: experiencing the Wiimote
New flavors of existing 3D interaction techniques specifically designed for interacting with volumetric medical data in a semi-immersive virtual environment by using the Nintendo Wiimote controller as 3D user interface are presented. Expand
Natural Interaction and Wearable Augmented Reality for the Enjoyment of the Cultural Heritage in Outdoor Conditions
A first prototype of a wearable, interactive augmented reality system for the enjoyment of the cultural heritage in outdoor environments, using a binocular see-through display and a time-of-flight depth sensor is presented. Expand