Luigi Formicola

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The satellite cell is the major tissue-resident stem cell underlying muscle regeneration; however, multiple non-satellite myogenic progenitors as well as non-myogenic populations that support the muscle regenerative process have been identified. PW1 is expressed in satellite cells as well as in a subset of interstitial cells with myogenic potential termed(More)
Specific muscles are spared in many degenerative myopathies. Most notably, the extraocular muscles (EOMs) do not show clinical signs of late stage myopathies including the accumulation of fibrosis and fat. It has been proposed that an altered stem cell niche underlies the resistance of EOMs in these pathologies, however, to date, no reports have provided a(More)
Vascular associated endothelial cell (ECs) progenitors are still poorly studied and their role in the newly forming vasculature at embryonic or postnatal stage remains elusive. In the present work, we first defined a set of genes highly expressed during embryo development and strongly downregulated in the adult mouse. In this group, we then concentrated on(More)
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