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In the attempt of developing innovative anticancer treatments, growing interest has recently focused on the peculiar metabolic properties of cancer cells. In this context, LDH, which converts pyruvate to lactate at the end of glycolysis, is emerging as one of the most interesting molecular targets for the development of new inhibitors. In fact, because LDH(More)
Vidarabine (ara A) produces severe dose-dependent side-effects. To examine whether its monophosphate ester (ara-AMP) can be effective in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B when given in reduced dosage as a conjugate with lactosaminated human serum albumin (L-HSA), which selectively enters hepatocytes, five patients with chronic type B hepatitis(More)
One of the most prominent alterations in cancer cells is their strict dependence on the glycolytic pathway for ATP generation. This observation led to the evaluation of glycolysis inhibitors as potential anticancer agents. The inhibition of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is a promising way to inhibit tumor cell glucose metabolism without affecting the(More)
The woodchuck was selected to study the efficacy of liver-targeted antiviral drugs on hepadnavirus replication. Nineteen woodchucks chronically infected with woodchuck hepatitis virus were treated with adenine arabinoside monophosphate or acyclovir monophosphate, either free or conjugated with the liver-targeting molecule lactosaminated human serum albumin.(More)
We prepared a hepatotropic conjugate, suitable for intramuscular (IM) injection, of lactosaminated poly-L-lysine with adenine arabinoside monophosphate (ara-AMP), a drug active against hepatitis B virus (HBV). We studied its organ distribution in mice and its antiviral activity in woodchucks that are carriers of woodchuck hepatitis virus (WHV). In mice,(More)
BACKGROUND Ribavirin increases the efficacy of alpha-interferon in chronic hepatitis C, but accumulates in erythrocytes causing haemolysis. AIMS To reduce this side effect we conjugated ribavirin with lactosaminated poly-L-lysine. METHODS In mice administered with the same dose of free or conjugated [3H]ribavirin we determined the levels of(More)
Galloflavin (GF), a recently identified lactate dehydrogenase inhibitor, hinders the proliferation of cancer cells by blocking glycolysis and ATP production. The aim of the present experiments was to study the effect of this compound on breast cancer cell lines reproducing different pathological subtypes of this tumor: MCF-7 (the well differentiated form),(More)
1. Aminoacetonitrile, a lathyrogenic agent known to decrease the hepatotoxic action of dimethylnitrosamine, inhibited the metabolism of this compound by rats in vivo and by rat liver slices in vitro. 2. Methylation of nucleic acids in rat liver and kidney by dimethylnitrosamine in vivo was inhibited by treatment of the animals with aminoacetonitrile. 3.(More)