Luigi Finelli

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To verify the value of ultrasound (US) in the diagnosis of cirrhosis, the ratio of transverse caudate lobe width to right lobe width (C/RL) was determined with US in 25 healthy subjects and 156 consecutive patients with either histologically proved acute viral, chronic persistent, or chronic active hepatitis or cirrhosis. The C/RL ratio had a sensitivity of(More)
The present study compared means of 54 nonpatients on two Continuous Performance Test measures in five administration conditions. Both response measures differentiated performance among the conditions, certain of which may have an alerting function that facilitates deployment of attention. Appreciable attentional demand or effort, however, may limit this(More)
Papillary carcinoma (PC) is a histological variant of breast carcinoma that is more frequently observed in males than in females, showing the same cytological features in both sexes. PC is characterized by a low grade of malignancy and a generally favorable course. We describe a case of male breast PC (MPC) diagnosed by fine-needle cytology (FNC) in which(More)
Fourteen ultrasonically-guided percutaneous transcholecystic cholangiographies (PTCC) were performed in subjects with biliary obstruction with different underlying diseases. No complication was observed, and the procedure permitted diagnosis in all cases, although the previously reported difficulty of visualizing proximal bile ducts was confirmed in two(More)
268 patients (age 16-47 years) affected with idiopathic varicocele, submitted to surgery, have been studied. Semen analysis, pampiniphorm plexus doppler examination and testosterone, estradiol, D4 androstenedione, DHEA-S, HPRL, 17-OH-P, FSH and LH (basal and after LH-RH) evaluation, before and 6 months after surgery, were performed. The patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Whether the practice of family doctors of assessing the global cardiovascular risk profile improves the knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors and the attitude to lifestyle change in patients' secondary cardiovascular prevention is unknown. METHODS We evaluated subjects who visited their family doctors and those with self-reported(More)
Hürthle cell neoplasms (HNC) of the thyroid gland are uncommon, but potentially malignant lesions. Opinion is divided as to their most suitable surgical treatment. In the ten-year period between 1976 and 1986, 46 patients with Hürthle cell tumor underwent surgery in our Department. Preoperative diagnosis was made by fine needle biopsy. In all cases but six,(More)