Luigi De Dominicis

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Inspired by retinex theory, we propose a novel method for selecting key points from a depth map of a 3D freeform shape; we also use these key points as a basis for shape registration. To find key points, first, depths are transformed using the Hotelling method and normalized to reduce their dependence on a particular viewpoint. Adaptive smoothing is then(More)
Feature extraction and matching (FEM) for 3D shapes finds numerous applications in computer graphics and vision for object modeling, retrieval, morphing, and recognition. However, unavoidable incorrect matches lead to inaccurate estimation of the transformation relating different datasets. Inspired by AdaBoost, this paper proposes a novel iterative(More)
Amplitude-modulated (AM) laser imaging is a promising technology for the production of accurate three-dimensional (3D) images of submerged scenes. The main challenge is that radiation scattered off water gives rise to a disturbing signal (optical noise) that degrades more and more the quality of 3D images for increasing turbidity. In this paper, we(More)
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