Luigi Cremasco

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What is the relationship between numerical and visual space? Here we tried to shed new light on this debated issue investigating whether and how the two forms of representation are associated or dissociated when co-activated. We carried out a series of visual-numerical bisection experiments on a large group of right brain-damaged patients (N=32) with and(More)
A subset of right brain-damaged patients shows leftward overextension in the line extension task. It has been argued that this deficit can be attributed to a distortion of the metric structure of perceived space (spatial anisometry). We investigated whether spatial distortion of static stimuli is associated with a corresponding misperception of perceived(More)
Attentional processes play a central role in information selection, which is impaired in schizophrenic patients. In the present study, we attempted to characterize the attentional performance of chronic schizophrenics using a computerized assessment of the multiple components of attentional function. Two comparable samples, consisting, respectively, of(More)
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