Luigi Corina

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Two uncommon presentations of Arcanobacterium Haemolyticum infection (sinusitis and pharyngitis) are described, emphasizing the poor response to commonly used antibiotics and the possibility of serious local and systemic complications. The difficulties still encountered in the clinical diagnosis are underlined, since this organism could easily pass(More)
Pre-operative fine-needle aspiration biopsy findings have been compared with those of post-operative histopathology in 146 patients with parotid masses. Post-operative histology showed 124 benign and 22 malignant lesions: pre-operative fine-needle aspiration biopsy correctly identified 118/124 (95.1%) benign masses with an accurate classification of the(More)
Authors report their experience in the treatment of midfacial fractures in 201 patients, 177 of whom underwent surgery for reduction and fixation of the fracture. Since no functional or aesthetic deficits were present, surgery was not performed in the remaining 24 cases. Of the 177 patients, the maxillary complex was involved in 70 (classified as central(More)
The personal experience with the surgical treatment of reduction and fixation of comminuted fractures of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus is reported. Cosmetic results were examined with regard to patients' degree of satisfaction on a 0 to 2 scale and nasal function assessed via rhinoscopy and nasal endoscopy during clinical follow-up, in the course(More)
The Authors report on their experience of 18 patients with isolated fractures of the zygomatic arch who were treated via intraoral approach. The procedures were performed between the 2nd and 8th post-trauma day and the results obtained were evaluated via post-operative CT scan and periodic follow-up visits for six months. In describing the surgical(More)