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The paper presents a discussion on different ways of interaction and collaboration among users of web applications oriented to learning. We discuss whether the recent "social" applications, such as Facebook or MySpace, follow a truly "collaborative" approach, very common after of the advent of Web 2.0, or a more simply "participatory" one. We will argue(More)
In this paper we present a multiuser hypertextual glossary prototype which can improve the learning of a group (classroom) of university students in a multimedia environment. The glossary prototype has been designed to solve the typical problems encountered when using traditional electronic and printed glossaries: the authoring problem, the loss of reading(More)
The paper presents Porta-bile, a project under development in our University that intends to investigate the use of mobile computing technologies to support the learning processes in an educational context. The project focuses on the technological aspects of mobile learning, and on their integration with e-Learning systems, and more generally, with the(More)
The paper presents the analysis of changes introduced in learning environments through a different approach respect to traditional e-learning. In our experience, the introduction of the metaphor of " virtual community " changed not only the relationship between people involved in educational activities (teachers, students, tutors, administrative staff(More)
This paper introduces a set of services for the creation of on-line surveys, questionnaires, exams and self-assessment tests within a virtual community system used in e-learning settings. The system, called " Online Communities " , is a dynamic web application used as platform for blended learning activities by the Faculty of Economics of the University of(More)